When I introduce myself as the Executive Director of Fairytale Town, people often remark “Oh, what a fun job that must be!”  I have to admit that my job is fun.  But as my family and colleagues can attest, my job, like everyone’s at Fairytale Town, is also hard work. 

In fact, it seems to many of us in the play-based learning field that our work is often minimized because of the age of our audience and the fact that we talk about intangible things like creating memories, making magic, sparking imagination, and having fun.  But, like everyone who runs a business, we also have to comply with a myriad of regulations, meet bottom lines, and measure profit margins and returns on investments. 

The purpose of this blog is to provide some insights into the work we do to inspire play. It is serious business!  The United Nations has declared that children have the right to play. Philosophers from Plato to Dr. Seuss profess the importance of play; and everyone who works with children can attest that the time children spend in unfettered and imaginative play is time well spent.

It only makes sense.  Play is a child’s natural way of learning. It is how we explore and learn about our senses, our abilities, our intellect and our boundaries. 

This fall I have a unique opportunity to learn how they play in the United Kingdom (UK).  Beginning this September, I will be living in London for several months and will have the opportunity to visit children’s museums and playgrounds to see how they operate, and to attend seminars and conferences designed specifically for “play workers”.  I am excited about sharing what I see and learn with you, and look forward to your feedback as well.  Together we can learn about the important work of play.