It’s important to schedule time for play. It can also be very difficult to do!


Open for Play!

We are finalizing our calendar – or season of play – as I write. 

We work with and around the capital improvements on our grounds; activities at Land Park’s amphitheater, athletic fields, gardens and picnic tables; the happenings at the Zoo, Funderland and Pony Rides; and, the schedules of artists, authors, community partners, educators, entertainers and sponsors involved in our various programs. Added to that, the weather is always hovering over our heads. (A freak storm in June can create havoc!)

However, no doubt like you, our biggest schedule challenge is how to fit it all in! How many programs and people can we fit in our current footprint and structure? Can we manage to add another capital improvement? Is it time to expand some programs ‘off-campus’ to spread the joy of play throughout the land? What would we need to even do that?…  Answers often lead to more questions.

So, taking it all in account, we’ve pulled together a playful season for 2013. I’ll update you on the work behind it all in the coming months.

As everyone at FairytaleTown can attest, there is a lot of work to play – but it is worth it.