1077018_602900096414055_1694477687_o1Everything about Halloween screams PLAY! Decorating, costuming, running through the streets at night… no wonder Halloween is a favorite holiday for children. It’s not just the free candy. It’s the playfulness of the holiday that delights children and adults alike. There is something about putting on a costume and assuming a different persona frees us from our day-to-day cares and gives you a new outlook… and that something is play!

Fairytale Town holds the proof. Our Halloween event last weekend attracted more than 5,500 people. Nearly everyone came in costume. They all enjoyed the incredibly good weather as they played games, made crafts, showed off their costumes – and went trick-or-treating, of course.

IMG_2589Our incredibly talented staff had fun preparing the park for the extravaganza. Each year we choose a theme for the event and this year’s was ‘The Hobbit.’ Planning began in early summer, and from Labor Day on, everyone pitched in to make papier-mâché figures, paint scenery or carve pumpkins. A couple of us even admitted it was a favorite time of year. And this was before the candy was delivered!

So, it all comes down to play. Tap into your playfulness when you go out trick-or-treating. The candy is sure to taste better – and may even have fewer calories if you do!