Kathy Fleming has been the Executive Director atFairytaleTown since 2000.  A non-profit administrator for 20 years, Kathy’s background is primarily in the arts where she worked in various capacities with companies such as the San Francisco Mime Troupe, International City Theatre, Norris Theatre, and the Public Corporation for the Arts.

Somehow Kathy’s arts administration experience led to her to working with non-profit organizations that offered entrepreneurial training to women and minorities – a job that provided her with a solid business education. Her business training coupled with her arts background has made it possible for her to develop and manage the unique cultural programming that Fairytale Town offers today. 

 Kathy believes that unfettered play and early experiences in the arts are essential to human development, and is delighted to be part of a community organization that introduces children to the exciting world of arts, literature and culture through play-based activities.

During her tenure at Fairytale Town, attendance has increased by 50 percent, operating budget and organizational assets have grown 150 percent, and memberships have swelled by 400 percent. Under her leadership, numerous capital improvements have been completed, and programs have expanded to include day camps, field trip workshops, festivals and performing arts programs.

Kathy’s experience proves that play works!